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My story begins in Nice in 1981, goes through Paris France, Orlando USA and continues in Whistler / Vancouver in the beautiful province of British Columbia in CANADA since March 2015.

I became ZERO WASTE and PLASTIC FREE, super slow, stress free.

My goal is to prepare for this way of life aboard, to sail around the world without creating unnecessary waste and recycling less at the dock.


Why plan to sail around the world?

I have the opportunity and the chance to live in 2 beautiful countries, but as I like to travel and discover the world, the people and the different ways of life and I’m no longer a big fan of planes for environmental reason first. I told myself, why not sailing around the world?

I start learning sailing in Vancouver on May 2017 after a long process to decide to begin this project.

Now I continue to learn sailing and probably start sailing this spring in Whistler for having a different knowledge. Of course I prepare to back on the Ocean also at the same time.

I have the goal of sailing around the world in 2019. Leave the mountain for the Ocean and share with you all the steps to sailing from scratch.

Also, I can say now, sailing is a PASSION ! From the early morning to the late night.

My story with you just beginning and hope you enjoy my journey.