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Honoring Giuseppe Garibaldi is also paying tribute to…


Who is Anita (Garibaldi) and why I choose this wonderful woman to name my future boat?


  • A strong woman
  • An incredible mom
  • A beautiful lover
  • A determinate wife
  • On a beautiful love story with “Jousé (Giuseppe) Garibaldi”
  • Hero of the Two Worlds…

Anita (Ana Maria de Jesus Ribeiro) born in Laguna BRASIL, August 30 1821                                              

Why I have chosen Anita, because my journey celebrates Jousé Garibaldi and Anita his probably the most beautiful story on Garibaldi’s life.

The reason is the love story, and she follows with a strong personality Garibaldi in every war or adventure with love.

She learned him to ride a horse, and Garibaldi with her support never abandoned to liberate the people of dictators and dictatorial monarchy around the world.

Pregnant, sick, or dying, she follows her love and Garibaldi never abandoned her, the only time somebody proposes to abandoned her for keeping him in life, he answers, “Never I abandoned Anita, you do not know how much I have received from her, without her I will be probably nothing”.

I can continue to talk about her for a long moment, one movie would not be enough to talk about her, sometimes I can talk more about her ask me if you would like to know more about ANITA GARIBALDI, HERO OF THE TWO WORLDS.

The film below celebrates the unconditional love between Anita and Giuseppe Garibaldi.