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“We have to get used to the idea that at the most important crossroads in our life there are no signs.”

Ernest Hemingway

That’s a really important day, today. The journey have started in our dream last night, and this morning everything was super clear. The dream was beginning from a long time ago now, but when you may identify some signs during a day and especially after a big dream like this, you do not of the choice to say, the “D” day is 2018 January 20.

(Because, nothing is impossible, we decide to start to talk about our project before to be on the seas; for two reasons, first one: we would like to share all the great moments of the preparation of a big project like this, with you, if that can be inspire just one person, to realise a own dream, that’s the most important for us, and we just can be happy about that. The second reason is to need to speak about Zero Waste everywhere on earth, remember that, a waste on the ground in Whistler can finish in the pacific, that’s not evident to everybody, but, that’s super cool to prepare a sailing around the world project, in the Canadian Rockies, but do not laugh too much, we have a great sailing learning center here and great lakes just around the town. I sail so far in the Strait of Georgia (Vancouver), but I plan to sail in Whistler too, because all experiences are required in the blue waters.) Hope you like also the preparation, keep great souvenirs for the rest of the adventure and let’s see what happen in the next months, we are so excited !!!

However, today is very special, one of my managers “Christina” at work, coming with the book of Bea Johnson, and explain how to do a Zero Waste guy, especially because Vail resort, the business has my employer, has the goal to make a Zero footprint emission on every resorts of the company.

That’s great, I’m so happy to see the effort of some people in this world to change the habits, by the way, she takes the time before to start the service and explain every step she personally do in her life with her family and also how she try to apply at work.

I have found a new Zero Waste hero around me. That’s super positive… It’s a great day.

She has taken time to share with us some great things, and now I need to take time to share my experience with you guys.

The Zero Waste journey starts today with not too many people, but I hope the family of my followers can be grown, and try to change all together a part of our old habits for becoming a Zero Waste super hero.

Another great thing, in December I have saved 210$ with my new Zero Waste life, that’s can be paid a lot of things on the boat.

Happy Saturday, and thank you so much for your support.

Read more underneath if you want; why we do a Zero Waste journey…




Change your habits slowly, but surely…

What a Zero Waste Journey on the seas and elsewhere?

We decide to sail around the world, soon, but the journey starts here, in Whistler CANADA.

Why on the mountain? I take a real and simple example:

80% of the marine pollution due to the lands, rivers and of course busy resort on the mountain. (United Nations Environment Programme source)

A cigarette on the floor in Whistler have 90% chance to finish in the pacific. I have put 10% more because it’s very dirty. (1 to 12 years to decompose, if a fish do not ingest this shit before and kill him), look this short list HERE, for see how long our waste takes to decompose.

Look also this horrible video makes in Cannes, HERE, WELCOME TO THE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL OF CANNES.

I from the Mediterranean sea, and there, I have all my (short) life hear the people say, if the Mediterranean sea is dirty, the fault is the boat reject everything overboard.

Ok, ok, I do not know the percentage about this theory, I’m sure a part of this is true, but never forget, 80% about the marine pollution is our fault, on the land.


Please go into a boat, especially in a cruising boat, everything is in plastic, the reason is, that’s harder to broke these tools in a big sea, it’s light and maybe more reason, but it’s also a future pollution, and the sea does not need that anymore.

The second reason is, fiberglass is a pollutant (We wish an alluminium boat with the minimum of plastic and fiberglass); pollutant to build a pollutant if the boat sinks and is very difficult to recycle, and not many companies offer to recycle boats.

In addition, I have seen many people take plastic bags when they do food shopping before leaving the port, plastic bags to put fresh fish, etc.

Salim and me, want to change this, not for be better than the others, just for imagining a different cruising way. Trying to do differently, propose others options and hope some cruisers or someone else see our journey and try to do one or more step to change the habits.

Before being Zero Waste, I needed Salim and also to see someone do it first, because it is not our education to recycle, although we have always tried to reuse or repair advent to throw the old for the new.

My brother Olivier is close to a Zero Waste life, he is great and has done a lot of good things for the planet for a long time. Sometimes I refused to change with him because it is difficult to change bad habits, like for a smoker or a heavy drinker.

However, now I’m Zero Waste and I hope my brother is proud of me.

Why a Zero Waste Journey home, land and seas ? Because we can’t continue to live like this, we need to start slowly but we need to start a day to change our habits.

Hope talks soon with you, thank you for your support and read a part of our life today.