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Welcome to my Zero Waste Journey

If you would like to support the journey


This is my first log, and it is dedicated to you;

To welcome you warmly. Thank you for being here and taking the time to discover me and my lifestyle.

I will try with this website to share my passion for Zero Waste and Travel, and I hope to share great moments with you.

This is a website born from the sharing of Bea Johnson, if today I open this site is because I am a big fan of her and her work.

I decided last year to builds this project, my English is horrible, but everything I do or plan is done with love.

If anything on this site is incorrect or imperfect, sorry for that, I’m not professional in communication or website, English is not my native language and I thank you already for helping us to improve.

Thank you for being here today and see you soon for the next log.

If you would like to support the journey

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