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Learn guitar, may help you on the ocean

We can see, read or hear a lot of artists around the world, why is so important to do something artistic when you plan on sailing around the world?

Read a book, play guitar, write a book with your computer or handwritten some letters to your loved ones, draw or something else, but be artistic on a boat may help you to do something different and take a break.

For the peoples do not expect sailing, at home is important too, we need to disconnect with the reality sometimes, let the stress and the human problems outside the brain for a moment.

I like to write texts, poems or philosophical thoughts, and sometimes I imagine to put someone on music, but for that, I need to learn guitar.

I have learned saxophone and drums, but it is not really easy to mix these instruments with lyrics.

It is for that, I have decided to learn guitar now

If you would like to learn the guitar like me or Ukulele, Piano or bass I recommend to you 2 apps :

In French 

In English

Both have a free trial experience and a part of the app/website is totally free.

It’s never replace a human teacher, but if you have sometimes a desire to play and do not want to plan a lesson with a teacher one week before and be demotivated when you got the lesson, that’s the best way to start learning an instrument.

Also, I never know when I want to play, you just need your phone or your computer, an internet connection and that’s it, if you are on the middle of nothing, plan to have a “911” emergency tabs or an offline app dedicated to learning and practice.

I have an excellent app for that in my phone:

Is in 7 languages, English to Japanese

you may find different app, but before payed, try before and make sure you are comfortable with the method

Have a wonderful musical day and see you soon for a new log.

My Guitar: Epiphone Hummingbird Pro Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Faded Cherry


If you would like to support our journey

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