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Seal Nice

Who am I and where do I come from?

Is it these red and white colors, making my traditional “Nice” costume, which predestined me in Canada?

Maybe, my international folk group called “Ciamada Nissarda” tortured me to the point of making Canada flow in my unconscious like one of the many waterfalls of Canada?

Still, Canada has been an ideal in my life since I was very young, maybe born just after taking this picture, in any case, not far from that age, the passion for this country, from the north of America, was born in me.

I remember that digital day, making me a king, that power that surrounded me and made me take this ticket to Canada. I was 17 years old, I worked for a pub in Nice “Cours Saleya” and I had raised put enough money aside to fly to my dreams.

Without informing my parents beforehand, my pastry diploma finished, I presented my project to them, no return possible, one week before departure.

They could only say yes, seeing my enthusiasm and I made all my first times; the plane, the trip, America, and adventure.

My parents, two great people, who have always followed me in my wildest dreams, if I had to thank someone today I would not have far where to go.

But unfortunately for them, I must talk about myself today, introduce myself without speaking of others, something that seems impossible to me, because the others it is me.

Talking about me would be above all to explain my influences, although not very suggestible, I want to pay tribute to those I love, through each of my steps.

Without the others I would be nothing because if I’m crazy am proud to be it, it’s that I get a lot of support, encouragement and my best public, are the people I love and who are my loves.

Well, rich of this entourage I decided to leave Nice many times.

Nice, my beautiful Nice. To understand who I am is also to understand where I come from.

I have just finished my server season on the mountain today, the number one question I am often asked is: “Why did you leave Nice for Whistler?

Actually, Nice, 300 days/year of sunshine,

the lively terraces, the food and the quality products, the sea, the beach, and the good French living style. I probably forget a lot.

But when I talk to them about my love for Canada, I like to believe that my clients understand why I’m here one day from Ottawa, betting on the fact that I’ll be Canada’s next governor. knowing the openness of Canadians, I did not take it for a joke, but would my love of this country be enough? Oh, ok it’s probably a joke, but they tell me, Canada needs people like you, thanks, I hope it is not a joke, I wish it.

To come back to me, in order to respect this unsustainable exercise for me, I must say that I have some qualities counterbalanced by many defects.

My greatest quality may be to question myself daily.

For my biggest fault, I think it’s the emotion, I like it or I do not like it and I do not know the two of them. I try to treat myself, but sometimes it is very difficult and even more so, far from its social comfort.

Being away from home in a country where the language is not hers increases my emotions in a painful way, but I try to be strong, and immigrating requires a lot of courage, so I try not to be too hard in taking a step back from what I am today. Let time do things.

And now why did I embark on Sailing Garibaldi?

This project was born as a matter of course, I like to move nomadically, my Italian ancestors, have bequeathed me the taste of expatriation.

I do not know why, I can not be satisfied with Nice the beautiful, but I learned to pander to her. Many times in my life, far from my hometown, I realized that I needed a way to share my heart between two places in the world, to see more.

Canada was that other part of the world in my choices and I had to fight to be a permanent resident at a minimum.

Good news to announce, we arrived on the eve of obtaining our resident card, we are waiting for the invitation to pick it up.

My dream is taking shape, but the problem is that I have many dreams. These include sailing around the world.

Of course, my address remains and will stay in Canada, I fought for the right to be legally on this soil, I’m proud of it and I want to honor it, that’s why our world tour will begin on the Canadian coasts, in order to train professionally in sailing.

The project begins to take shape, from this site of course, but also past and future sailing courses, the diligent search for a boat, can safely take us to the wildest waters.

I would continue through my passions and my way of life, to introduce myself more precisely, at different moments of the project.

In the meantime, you can find my stories on the blog, my recipes in the cookbook, and soon videos will enrich my trip.

Zero Waste sailing around the world can be explained by the fact that I have become ashore and it is obvious to continue it on the sea.

Thank you for those who have taken the time to get to know me via this micro-biography