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Versatile skin care makes it easier and saves your precious time, a chance to be minimalist

Hello from Whistler, today, I would like to share with you, how to simplify your life with only one product in your bathroom.

I use the Ghassoul clay in my hair, my face and my body, I also make hair, body and face mask with this amazing earth gift.

This is just a clay, but different than the others, because she is natural and saponifere.

The impact on the earth is reduced, no pollution comes with this product when you use it.


Have a wonderful day and try to reduce chemical product and plastic packaging products, for the earth and the future generation.

Natural Ghassoul from   Maroccan Atlas – From the earth, directly to you…

Red clay, helping atopic skin, softening all skin types, without allergens, the Ghassoul is a miracle product in my life, so far everything was attacking my skin, water being part of the aggressor, the

Ghassoul allows me also to regulate my perspiration and since then I not put any more (bad deodorant for the health and environment) to know that even the stone of alum is bad for the health and the environment.

To test what I thought was a revelation before seeing the miracle, after a good shower in the morning, several layers of clothing to face -15 degrees Celsius, knowing that I already had my work clothes under my ski suit.

Skiing 1 hour before work, running around the hall to serve my beloved clients, plus the stress of doing well in a dry environment, skiing 1 hour after work (I am a waiter). No smell and no trace of perspiration found.

This product and therefore tested on a French and approved by itself.

When I tell you that I have sensitive skin, I do not laugh, even filtered water attacks me, gives me redness see pimples.

My observations after use of the Moroccan Ghrassoul (for over 5 years now):

  • Soft skin “like a baby”
  • Huge money savings
  • Soft feet (Removes the horn in less than 3 showers)
  • Soft hair
  • No artificial odors on the skin Hair untangled, in no way need a conditioner
  • No poison on the body or in the hair, 100% natural and feels it
  • Removes all the unsightly pimples on the skin in less than 1 week Lets take a moment to be and to be satisfied Can also used as a body, hair and face mask
  • Respects intimate and fragile parts and does not represent any danger for them
  • Do not create any environmental problems, can be used everywhere, especially at sea not to disturb the aquatic world
  • Makes shine your nails
  • Simplifies life and can even be used in hand washing
  • Easy to clean with water and create no deposits unlike the soaps
  • And I probably forgetten, so this powder to change my life

The negative aspects of Ghassoul:

  • Can be slippery in a Bath (Be careful not to fall over and use it carefully, be sure to inform users of your family or uninitiated friends), but a soap’s too

Directions for Use: 5-100% in skin-care products, 1 T. / 15ml per lb. / 500g of soap.

 More about Ghassoul : WIKIPEDIA NOTES


If you would like to support our journey

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