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♣70′ minutes for the dough rest   ♣10′ minutes for mix the ingredients   ♣20′ minutes of cooking for 25 crêpes What you need for this recipe: (Ban the plastic if you buy new ones, but try first to reuse your tools) A tiny kitchen and the Brittany spirit (If you do not have a tiny kitchen, but a huge one, it’s working too, for the rest….) A medium...

Welcome to my Zero Waste Journey

WELCOME TO MY ZERO WASTE JOURNEY This is my first log, and it is dedicated to you; To welcome you warmly. Thank you for being here and taking the time to discover me and my lifestyle. I will try with this website to share my passion for Zero Waste and Travel, and I hope to share great moments with you. This is a website born from the sharing of Bea Johnson, if today...

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