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70′ minutes for the dough rest   ♣10′ minutes for mix the ingredients   ♣20′ minutes of cooking for 25 crêpes

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What you need for this recipe:

(Ban the plastic if you buy new ones, but try first to reuse your tools)

  • A tiny kitchen and the Brittany spirit (If you do not have a tiny kitchen, but a huge one, it’s working too, for the rest….)
  • A medium stainless steel bowl 3 quarts
  • A stainless steel Whisk
  • A good and reliabe pan, Cuisinart “low price” or Le Creuset “High Price”
  • A dedicated spatula not to thick
  • An alimentary film made by hand, with beeswax and organic tissue (this recipe also arrives)
  • A scale to weight the ingredients (Buy HERE if you do not have one)

Ingredients for 25 beautiful sweet or salty crêpes

  • 500g of wheat flour or all-purpose but prefered local flour ORGANIC/NON GMO
  • 100g of unsalted butter (European style preferably local and grass feed/organic or Breton if the Breton spirit has already owned you)
  • Chef’s Tip: Replace half of unsalted butter with sea salted butter for salty crêpes, 50g.
  • 1 liter of milk (Local and organic)
  • 200ml of water
  • 8 large eggs (Local/organic and free range) NOT SURE ABOUT THE FRESHNESS OF YOUR EGGS SEE THIS HERE
  • 60g of organic sugar (Just 40g for salted crêpes)
  • 2 pinches of sea salt (3g max)
  • My secret: I add 5 cl of orange blossom in the dough for the sweet crêpes before cooking, yummy with 5 cl of dark rum too

The course of the recipe

  1. Put Celtic or Brittany music and dance around the ingredients or simply prepare all the ingredients
  2. Melt the butter over low heat until it becomes hazelnut “brown” (but not burnt, watch out) and let it warm up to room temperature
  3. In the 3 quarts bowl, put the flour, the sugar and the salt and handmix a bit the ingredients
  4. Form a well in the center
  5. Pour the milk then the water, slowly taking its time, while mixing with the whisk
  6. Add butter while whisking, until incorporation into your mix
  7. Chef’s Tip: Pour the eggs one by one at the end of the process, this prevents clumps in your dough and makes it smooth and supple.
  8. Pour the eggs one by one
  9. Let your dough rest for 10 minutes at room temperature, covered with your hand-made beeswax alimentary film or simply a clean cloth moistened a little, then 50 minutes cool
  10. Take out your dough 10 min before cooking in your crêpes pan
  11. Chef’s Tip: If you would like to die before your pan, never heat a pan without oil, butter or any grease, if you want to heat the pan without any grease, sacrifice a bit of your preparation just for heating or just some onion or vegetables if you cooked something salted.
  12. Put a knob of butter in your pan and heat over medium heat
  13. When is warm, put a ladle of dough in the pan, the crêpes should not be thick unlike pancakes, it should be fine but not too much, adjust the contents of your ladle as and of course and of course to your taste
  14. When you may separate easily the crepes of the pan, you can coocked the other side, never more than 2 min, return the crêpe with a not too thick spatula or try to Try to blow up your crêpe like this
  15. Reserved your crepes on each other between 2 plates to keep warm, taste warm or cold another day, their are delicious also cold and you can conserve it 3 days max, do not reheat it with a micro-wave this is desgusting, reheat only in the pan.
  16. Add simply organic sugar on, organic handmade jam, organic handmade hazelnut spread, organic handmade sea salted butter caramel (All this recipes coming soon)

For the salted crêpes


Circle your preparation with the crêpe even from the pan back and serve immediately, prepare in advance your content so that it is already precooked, apart from the cheese.

I love mine simply with organic farmer white ham, organic handmade caramelized onion, organic cherry tomatoes, organic Aragula salad or Organic Mesclun, grass feed organic Emmental cheese…

  • Pair your crêpes with a delicious ice cider or your favorite organic cider (If you have the legal age for drink alcohol in your country)
  • Pair with a delicious apple cider juice (alcohol free) Organic and local yummmmmyyyyyy!!!!

If you like this recipe or just to support our journey


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