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55′minutes cooking ♣15′minutes preparationDifficulty: Easy Price: Affordable


If you like this recipe or just to support my journey

What you need for this recipe

(Ban the plastic if you buy new ones, but try first to reuse your tools)

  • A tiny kitchen and the Farmer spirit (If you do not have a tiny kitchen, but a huge one, it’s working too, for the rest….)
  • A good and reliabe stone pan – For more Hay taste prefered a french oven
  • A wooden spatula
  • Some plates and a scale for the ingredients

Ingredients for 4 people

  • 1kg of local and organic Lamb sirloin (Pasture to plate for Vancouver people)
  • 350g of organic hay
  • 250g of unsalted butter organic and grass fed
  • Sea salt (fleur de sel) and black peper
  • 3 organic and local garlic cloves (from Lillooet, for me)
  • 10g of local oregano (from OAK BAY, Vancouver Island, for me)
  • 6 big organic and local potatoes (from Pemberton, for me)
  • Olive Oil

The course of the recipe

 I have over cooked the meat for my guest that day, but respect the cooking time if you like a rosé cooked like me. But cooking, is first, make someone happy…

1. Let your meat outside on a bed of thym, just for a few minutes, it is never good to cooked a cold meat.
2. Prepare all the ingredients.
3. Salted and Peppered it your meat, use your bed of thyme for use just the noble part, keep the waste for aromatize an herbal tea.
4. Select and prepare your garlic cloves
BONUS: Keep all the waste of the garlic, and do a decoction with, click on the picture for the recipe.
5. Take some butter & put it in your pan, before heat the pan – Chef’s tip: Never heat a pan without something inside, the pan lose his quality without this careful.
6. Pan fried your garlic, but just colour it, be careful to do not burn your garlic cloves.
7. Put your lamb in the pan with the garlic and colour it on the two sides
8. Now your lamb coloured, now let rest the meat on a plate
9. Now on the same pan (do not wash it), do the oregano butter, put the rest of your butter in the pan, and colour it, you need a brown butter (hazelnut) but not burn, when the butter is coloured, puted the oregano, turn in the butter with a spatula for 10 sec.
10. And reserved it in a bowl with a cap or not. (If you put a cap, the butter and the oregano may be infused more, the taste be better and stronger).
11. Fill the pan with the washed hay and block the corners with your washed potatoes.
12. Put the lamb in the center and sprinkle with some of your oregano butter
13. Put in the oven at 350°F or 180°C – 400°F or 200°C if you used a french oven both for 45 min (Meat).
14. Take off the potatoes and leave the lamb in the oven.
15. Take off the skin of the potatoes, and back in them to the bed of hay in the oven for 5 minutes.
16. After 5 minutes back to the oven, put your potatoes in a plate, to be ready to be cuted.




17. And let your lamb alone for finished the cooking.
18. Cut large and regular slices or a 4 mm if you prefer blown potatoes.
19. Prepare your a fried pan with a mix of two oil, I love hazel and olive oil. And a washable fabric for absorb the excess of oil when you take off the potatoes off the oil.
20. Proceed to the deep fried (If you do not like deep fried, just sauteed potatoes be fine for the side o this recipe, and of course you may change the side with other vegetables you like.
END: Finish with your touch of creativity and enjoy it with someone you love.
If you like this recipe or just to support my journey


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