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With “Aneth au Pastis”

A friend, a dear friend, who I miss and whom I find in my fondest memories.

This time, after several unfulfilled promises, I finally decided to visit him.

His flat country that will become mine, the time of a few days, warmly welcomed.

She is impatient, my legendary delays still do not suit her, this disastrous signature that will constitute my urban legend.

The funny thing is that I am rather on time in #Canada, the time difference has to put my clock on time.

In short, this is not the subject. Today we are going to talk about the generous #Amsterdam. A beautiful city, and a country, #Holland, with a strong and happy identity.

As Annet would say: “SILENCE!”

We obviously began to drink a good tonic Gin, she had for the occasion bought my favorite Gin the “Monkey 47”, thank you my “Pastis dill”, after a good drink late arrival, we went to bed to start the visit of Amsterdam the next day and enjoy one of the joys of the city. But before sleep, let’s go to training.

The bike

Anyone who visits Amsterdam, must try this object of torture, that is the Dutch bike, although later, I took pleasure in driving it.

“Le Bycicle” as Annet would say, with a Dutch accent, J’ADORE!

Let’s close this parenthesis, ridiculing me. We advanced in the night, to wake up at last and have a good coffee, foaming milk for Annet, black for me.

The visit of Amsterdam the generous could finally begin with the best possible guide.

By your docks and your channels, oh Amsterdam, I’ll visit you…

So yes, Amsterdam is beautiful and if you have to take a break, do not miss the “Foodhallen” and one of the many bars in Gin of the city.






Not to mention that we are in the city of “Jenever”

Ancestor or old cousin of Gin, this Dutch beverage based on juniper berries is both dry as I like Gin and strong character as I like people.

Ancestral beverage with a strong personality.

Although the Jenever is not only Dutch and has been successful in Belgium and all over Europe, amateur Holland Gin continues to distil the Jenever in an original way.



Let yourself be tempted by this adventure, not far from the red light district, in a unique ride, you will certainly find something to change. If you cross “Mrs. Tolerance”, do not forget to greet her for me.

Too often reduced to prostitution and cannabis over the counter in these now very popular “Coffee Shop”, Amsterdam the generous to offer a happy mess, very well organized.

By that I mean that Amsterdam knows how to organize and propose the “out of the ordinary” and I like that.

To return to my walk, I would say that Amsterdam and even more sensual accompanied by a person that we love.


We are now in the land of Gouda and Moulins, our visit on continues not far from Amsterdam, where I discover in the meandering tourist, authentic Holland thanks to my friend Annet.

Tradition and delicious food accompanies our footsteps through the distant suburbs of Amsterdam, a delight.





From the history of Gouda to the “Sabots d’Hélène” (Song of Georges Brassens), we could not leave the seaside without tasting the famous “Hollandse Nieuwe” (Soused Herring).

So here I am enjoying this delicious meal, far from the beaten path, in the small fish shop far from self-guided tourists to too many well-organized waterfront…


Thank you Annet






This northern Holland is very rich in beauty, one of a kind, a wonderful discovery.

I therefore recommend that you leave the city center and visit these wonders, as in Volendam, The Zaanse Schans as well as all of Northern Holland.

Goodbye my beautiful Annet, we’ll meet again soon, I’ll leave you to your beautiful country and see you soon on Nice, your city of hearts.

Thank you for these beautiful memories and your welcome

Unable to get out of this country, being totally lost around Rotterdam, I also saw my arrival in Calais to end late and my friend Julie, could just as Annet reproach me my urban legend.

I must leave Holland, join Belgium and drive to Calais to take my ferry and reach England.

But here I am now lost in Belgium, without knowing how to join France, I lose a little patience, but the end of the tunnel is not far.

Julie, I ARRIVE !!!

To follow: London

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