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Isle of Skye – Scotland

Maybe you would like to read Part 1, before?

Part 2

The awakening was peaceful and serene, like a desire to discover the world during all my life, like a revelation, my trip to Europe, was going to create others. It was a certainty, but how? On which craft? When would that happen?

I did not know it yet.

After leaving the dark picture left me as a gift Miss Moon Fog, last night, by chance I made the late meeting of a very welcoming host, renting me his last room. Luckily I parked my metal monster not far from the door, so Portree was very busy that night.

The perfect opportunity to eat and take the last table in the village restaurant.

I did not know at that moment that the customers present this day, would follow me along my winding road, along the coast of Skye.

An elderly man in a kilt will appear all along my way as if I had to find “Waldo/Wally” in this green and blue paradise, he will be present at the restaurant, at breakfast, then as if he followed me to tell me, the trip is even more beautiful, when it is mixed with the local Folklore.

I imagined so full of stories about this man and his road partner, the fact is that I do not speak to them, as wanting to believe my judgments and other thoughts.

This trip inspired me in every detail.

I was not going to wear a kilt and I continued on my way, comfortably surrounded by my “handsome” tracksuit.

Dutch chocolate in hand, donated by my friend Annet, I continued my journey in search of the beauty of this beautiful part of the world.

Beautiful? I did not suspect anything yet. The little I had left in my rearview mirror, (which was already what I had seen the most beautiful in my life), intensified to the rhythm of a thrill every 100 meters.

I must admit that the United States gave me some beautiful visual surprises, Canada too, but for my part, until now, I imagined the United Kingdom gray, sad and heavy.

Far from me today to think that.

The UK is filled with colors, joy, beauty and warmth.

I could not tell you more about my secret relationship, which I had with the elements that day. We were no more than one being. It was powerful, more than love and passion.

Born of this relationship, a child I raise today: The journey.

Seeing myself encircled by beauty, I made myself a prisoner. I accepted, then, not to leave this magical and unreal world. The discovery of these landscapes, made my heart beat to the rhythm of my shivers, already heavily stored, since the beginning of this trip.

The colors never stopped to jump in my face, eating my eyes and devouring my soul. This feast of my person, began slowly and reached my whole body, to the point of making it disappear in an invisible and captivating pleasure.

I was then the puppet of Scotland, I felt the fairies turn around, having fun of my naivete. Believing that drugs were throwing me in the throat, I who had never taken, I saw myself believe in my fantasies, I believed but lived them too.

A curious mixture of this drug, I’m still not weaned.

You too, admit it, you see the fairy on this picture? But what am I saying! The fairies! They will come out of this screen, start with, you grab your eyes, you tie them to the panorama. They will never leave you alone. Do not click on this image if you do not like the trip.

What about my poor body, 3/4 devoured?

He swings, slips into the puppet clothes that this sight offers me as an offering, it made me go right, then go left, advance but never go back.

I am then the bottom of this relationship, the top of my subconscious, the sadomasochist of the journey. Scratching my soul with delicious mirages.

My shadow rose to the height of the mountains that surrounded me. I gazed at the man of the earth, making unexplained comings and goings at the water’s edge, as if he were looking for an exit in this golden prison. He had no expressions, his metal monster guided him, he was surely drugged, by the substance that made me, this zombie but mostly gullible. Perhaps he had lost this magic, is it the side effect of the overfilling of invisible pills that the fairies have fun slipping through my throat?

But I dream! I say hello, I salute him several times … He does not answer. Does he see me? Would I still exist or am I already in the heaven? This fervor; this Miss beauty, would she have devoured me entirely?

Relief, at my height, he stopped, looked at me at first mutely silent. Smiles at me wondering if I ever seen such beauty?

He smiled at me again, passed his way and did not listen to my answer. He already knew it.

I took a step back to admire a little more this field of wonders offered by the earth. This intense blue, of a sea that one would like to drink, this purity felt could then be touched eyes. My feet in levitation, they grazed this changing green, transforming at the slightest glance.

There was no longer any single element to draw me paradise, being afraid to be there, my fingers surprised me with a painful pinching in the left arm. No, I was not there, alive, but euphoric, my way continued to draw over time that no longer passed, making you forget the time, the day and the current year.

Of this beautiful black, grazing a salty grass, surely delicious, making a milk to make jealous Breton(Brittany) farmers, this cow in front of me, had nothing to do with my hallucinated presence. Even a train would not have diverted it from its purpose.

She also succumbed to this sweet landscape. I had never seen cows at the seaside, so I remained naively contemplating her. It blended into the landscape with this beautifully worn black.

She knew she was beautiful, still having the doubt that it was a bull, I made myself discreet at the insistence of my gaze on his genitals.

Finding that androgyny is the perfect beauty, I could not let myself be fooled by a cow. I had to be clear.

I did not see any breasts, nor any testicles from where I was, I would then decide that it was an angel. After all! I’m in paradise, right?

We dive towards the end of an enchanting loop. The odds of this divine kingdom that is the Isle of Skye, will then take me to other landscapes.

I urge you to visit this part of the world, nothing can disappoint you or spoil this moment, I will return soon I know it.

This other time, would I arrive by the sea?

I met wonderful people, crossed fabulous lakes, visited Loch Ness at night, finally you can see all this in the slideshow. Good viewing.

Letting you invent your own story, I will end with a slideshow, which I hope you will seduce, as much as it can seduce my memories, to look at these snapshots again.

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