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Nice to Vancouver – Work & Holiday Visa

My Canadian Work & Holiday experience – PART 1 – Departure You must put in your luggage, the excitement of discovering a new country, the experience of immigration, separation from family and friends, joy, the pain of leaving your city, the irrational fear of a plane and some clothes. Then fly away from its Mediterranean cradle. Nice, the beauty is...

Isle of Skye – Scotland

Maybe you would like to read Part 1, before? Part 2 The awakening was peaceful and serene, like a desire to discover the world during all my life, like a revelation, my trip to Europe, was going to create others. It was a certainty, but how? On which craft? When would that happen? I did not know it yet. After leaving the dark picture left me as a gift Miss Moon Fog...



With “Aneth au Pastis” A friend, a dear friend, who I miss and whom I find in my fondest memories. This time, after several unfulfilled promises, I finally decided to visit him. His flat country that will become mine, the time of a few days, warmly welcomed. She is impatient, my legendary delays still do not suit her, this disastrous signature that will...


PART 1 Certainly one of my best trip to date. Having lodged with a French couple settled in Edinburgh for a few years and personally not knowing where I was going, leaving me carried by my instinct, without plans or special wishes, I then occulted part of England, for me return quickly to Scotland. Without hesitation, this charming couple, in love with the same...